Welcome to our page dedicated to the care of your bag. You will find here various tips to answer the questions which you are probably asking yourself.

1. Preamble

Leather is a natural material obtained from the skin of an animal. It lives, evolves, moves, relaxes in use. These skins may present small marks which are not defects.
Our different leathers: vegetable smooth leather, suede leather, bubble leather, vegetable croco leather and vintage leather.

2. How to maintain these different types of leather?

It is important to remember that all our bags are unique and that our leathers can have small markings as well as color variations. In order for your leather bag to age well, embellish with time and survive daily use, it is necessary to maintain it daily. You can use on our bubbles, crocs and smooth leather a balm, or some moisturizing milk. To do so, take a clean cloth and apply the moisturizing milk with a circular and delicate movement. This action will remove the dust from your bag, while keeping the leather soft, and without harming the surface tint. As for our suede leather, more delicate, it cannot receive moisturizing balm ; you will have to use a waterproof spray. This spray can be used on other leathers as well. It has to be vaporized at 20cm from the bag. This action is to be renewed regularly especially after a pour shower. Your bag will be sent with its Dust Bag which will protect it from dust. You can also fill your bag when you don’t use it keeps its original shape.

3. Recommended maintenance products

It is important to select appropriate products for each material, and to test any product on a non-visible area, before applying it to the entire bag. We can recommend different brands such as: Sapo, Alta cuir and Renapur.

4. How to clean these different types of leather ?

In order to prevent possible stains, you can use a greasy film or a waterproofing (this depends on the leather), which will limit the penetration of the stain into the pores of the skin, and will also prevent the leather pigment from spilling on a garment.

You stained your LM Leather bag? Don’t panic, please find here our solutions to guide you and put your bag back in good condition!

What is important to know first and foremost is that the intervention must be IMMEDIATE, in order to prevent the task from penetrating into the leather.

Some examples of "classic" stains and the solutions which we recommend:
- Humidity : Clean with some vaseline.
- Red or white wine, soda, champagne, tea, coffee : Clean with alcohol at 90°.
- Fruit : Clean with alcohol at 90°. 
- Fat : Clean with "Sommiere" soil (powder and let absorb) and/or with turpentine (swab with a q-tip).
- Milk, sauce : Clean with ammonia diluted to 15%.
- Chocolate : Clean with alcohol at 90° diluted with lukewarm water.
- Chewing gum : Harden the dough with an ice pocket, pad with a sponge soaked in hot vinegar.
- Vinaigrette, cheese, mayonnaise : Clean with "Sommières" soil (powder and let absorb a few hours before  wiping gently) or/and turpentine on cotton.
- Resin, grass: Clean with alcohol at 90°.
- Bad smell: Place an open jar of baking powder wrapped in a pillowcase inside your bag for 24h

5. What you shall NOT do

- Clean your bag with a detergent product.
- Use chemicals.
- Apply water to clean a grease stain.
- Touch your bag after applying moisturizer.
- Clean the leather with white clay stone.
- Leave the leather in prolonged contact with water.
- Leave your bag under the sun.

LM Maroquinerie offers you its recommendations freely and cannot be held responsible for any unsuccessful attempt to restore your bag, or for the consequences of a poor implementation of the proposed solutions.