The protection of your personal data on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. Everything you share with us remains strictly private - we do not share or sell information to third parties. In addition, we use the data only for the purposes intended.

Privacy policy of LM Maroquinerie

This statement sets out the privacy policy and privacy practices with respect to LM Maroquinerie (the "Website") - - namely, the information we collect, how we use it-and how we correct and change it. 
This statement only examines activities conducted from our servers. 
Other sites (including those to which this website links and the sites of third parties or services to which is linked) may have their own privacy policies; independently of us.

General information on confidentiality

LM Maroquinerie contains links to partner companies, advertisers, third party websites and services that may collect data for contests, promotions, e-commerce, etc. 
Each of them has separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of LM Maroquinerie. LM Maroquinerie does not assume any responsibility for these independent policies and actions and is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.

Be aware that whenever you voluntarily and publicly provide personal data on an online service or website - (for example on forums, by e-mail or in chat areas) - this information may be collected and used by others.
For example, if you post personal data online in a publicly accessible area, you may receive unsolicited messages from third parties. In addition, although we make every effort to protect your personal data, LM Maroquinerie cannot guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us; you do so at your own risk. It is up to you alone to keep confidential your passwords and/or any information related to your personal account.
Please exercise caution and responsibility when online.

Use of information

All information collected by LM Maroquinerie (the information you provide us and the information collected through cookies) is "collected", which means that information from multiple users is aggregated in order not to disclose the personal data of a particular user. We may use this collected information to evaluate the success rate of products and services, and to identify new services that we should offer on LM Maroquinerie. We may use only anonymous viewing statistics to help our advertisers offer more targeted ads. 

LM Maroquinerie will not disclose any information about anyone without their prior consent, unless required by applicable law or legal procedure. LM Maroquinerie may use some of your personal data for the purpose of targeting e-commerce promotions and telemarketing activities. In addition, your personal data may be shared with third parties who assist LM Maroquinerie in the production of its websites or who provide services to users of

Contact this website

If you have any questions about this statement, LM Maroquinerie's personal data practices, or regarding your interactions with this website, you can contact us at the following address:

Registration process

Any user participating in interactive exchanges on LM Maroquinerie (chat, forum, contest, in-store product purchases and member program) may be asked to register in order to obtain a free identification code and password or to complete a registration to establish a member code and password.

The customer contact information that we collect from this registration form is used to send customers information about our company and promotional materials from some of our partners. The financial data collected is used to invoice users when purchasing products and services. Customer contact information is also used to contact customers, if necessary, as part of our customer service. Unique identifiers, such as the member ID and password, are collected to verify the identity of users and to be used as an account number in our registration system.


Cookies are small data files that some sites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file may contain data, such as the member code, that the site uses to keep track of the pages visited. However, a cookie file can only contain the personal data that you yourself have provided. In general, cookies assign a unique number to the user, a number that has no meaning outside of the site. Cookies cannot read data from your hard drive or cookies created by other sites. These random numbers help us track the frequency of specific customer activities - such as visiting our site each month - without really knowing who they are. We also use cookies to keep your shopping cart up to date and to ensure that you do not see the same ad over and over again. In addition, cookies are used to send you specific content corresponding to your interests and to save your membership code. In addition, once you have entered your contact and delivery information during a session on our site, you can choose to save this data so that you do not have to re-enter it on your next visit. If you do not want this information to be saved, you can, when prompted, choose the option "DO NOT SAVE THE INFORMATION". Users should be aware that LM Maroquinerie cannot control the use of cookies or the information collected through them, either by advertisers or third parties who host data on behalf of LM Maroquinerie. If you do not want the data provided to be collected through cookies, simply follow the procedure offered by most browsers to decline this feature. However, users should keep in mind that cookies may be necessary for them to access certain features (e.g., personalized sending of information) available on LM Maroquinerie.


In our online surveys, we ask visitors for their email addresses and demographic information. Demographic and personal data are also collected on our site. We use this data to personalize visitors' browsing of our site, by providing them with content and promotional offers that may be of interest to them and by displaying this content according to their preferences. This information is only shared with advertisers in a collected form. We may use these data to send users information about our company, as well as promotional materials from LM Maroquinerie or some of our partners. Users can choose to stop receiving such emails.


We run contests on our site, during which we ask visitors for their membership ID and password. We use the contact information collected in our contests to send users information about our upcoming contests and promotional offers. From time to time, we will send promotional materials from some of our partners to our customers by e-mail. Customer contact information is also used to contact customers, notify winners or confirm prize deliveries. 


We offer a number of free newsletters, in order to share information about our site that may be of interest to users. Users can unsubscribe from our free mailing list by following the simple instructions at the bottom of the page of each newsletter or e-mail.

Online security

LM Maroquinerie implements several security measures to ensure the protection of your personal data. All user details are protected by a "firewall". Only a limited number of employees with special access rights to our production systems have access to them. Bank card numbers are not stored in our systems, in accordance with the strictest PCI-DSS standards. When you make purchases on LM Maroquinerie, your financial data passes through a secure server using the latest 256-bit secure stocked layer (SSL) encryption technology. If you wish to modify your personal data or if you need to retrieve your password, you can do so by going to the LM Maroquinerie members area. You will need to provide your valid member IDs and passwords to identity yourself, before being able to change your data. As passwords and credit card data are encrypted, they are completely invisible, including to our customer service team. If you wish to change your password, a customer service representative will assign you a new one once you have properly confirmed your identity. LM Maroquinerie's IT department conducts frequent security audits on the website, and uses a third party audit company to perform additional checks.

Privacy Act

LM Maroquinerie does everything in its power to ensure compliance with French laws relative with the protection of privacy. Our privacy policy meets therefore all legal requirements, and guarantees the protection of your privacy. For more information on the National Privacy Principles, please consult the website of the "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés" (CNIL): .